Audax Alpine Classic Extreme 3D Display
Click and drag your mouse to rotate the 3d model
Resets the view to a plan view
Scrolls (pans) the view. Click Scroll, then the next drag movement of the mouse will scroll the view
Zooms the view out by a fraction
Zooms the view in by a fraction
Audax Alpine Classic Extreme GPX Data

As an extra to play around with, download the ACE250 GPX file which you can import into your GPS software (eg Garmin Training Center, Mapsource). Right click and select "Save target as". The file contains 3100 points and is a filtered and smoothed form of my original data file. Timestamps have been added (1 second separation) as the Garmin Training center software required them.
Then upload to your GPS unit to help navigate the route on the day (consult your documentation to find out how you do that!) or whatever else you may like to do with it (personal/non-commercial use only).


The final assault to Mt Hotham



Any comments about the GPX file, or the 3D display are welcome direct to me at steve@cyclingprofiles.com.au

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The turn up Bogong High Plains Rd
(looking south)


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